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I would like to add a modern video card to a 2nd hand DL380 G5 so I can have full colour and dual LCD panels in native resolution. Server has onboard ATI ES1000 video chip.

The PCI expansion/riser cage dosen't appear to have extra power points to supply additional current to a PCI video card.

I don't want to play games but do need to display a bit of simulation in openGL. So video card FPS is not important just colour and dual 1680 by 1080 or what ever resolution panels I put on this system.

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The 9500GT is a good card and will work fine but I'd also suggest you check out the GT 210/220 cards - the 210 performs worse than the 9500GT but should be very cheap and is super-low power while the 220 performs better than the 9500GT and STILL runs much cooler and uses much less power. Just wanted you to know.

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Looked in to your suggestion. Couldn't find a 220 with Dual DVI so ended going for a low profile 9500GT. – kingchris Nov 17 '09 at 16:33
Supplier don't have stock of 9500GT but do of GT220 so I hope you are correct. – kingchris Nov 24 '09 at 3:37

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