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My friend has some problem with Google Apps Gmail, his MX records got rejected. We're trying to resolve the issue somehow, but with no success so far. We've googled the whole world (this site too) but got nothing.

The given domain is

bash-3.2$ host has address has IPv6 address 2a01:270:2015::2 mail is handled by 30 mail is handled by 30 mail is handled by 30 mail is handled by 30 mail is handled by 10 mail is handled by 20 mail is handled by 20

Google tells it needs 48 hours to check, when it passed tells that the MX record setup is wrong. We cannot find a problem about them though.

We tried to have only one MX record: No success this way. We're running out of time... Maybe we just cannot see something, any help would be appreciated!

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Those MXes look OK to me. Do you have the authentication CNAME in place as well? Forgetting that makes the Googleplex sad.

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No auth CNAMEs are there, only email.* CNAMEs to redirect to webmail. – Anonymous Nov 16 '09 at 18:39
That's your problem, then. Add the auth CNAME that Google tells you to use, and all will be well. – womble Nov 16 '09 at 19:23
Yeah. In my experience, once you have the CNAME entry that Google requests you add, you'll be validated very quickly. – user5336 Nov 16 '09 at 19:45

I've never seen the aspmx4 and aspmx5 entries before (but google does have then in DNS so they are probably good.) It might be that you have aspmx2-5 all with the same MX priority of 30. Google's generic instructions are:


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Thanks for the answer! We'll try this list too, but every other apps domains work with either the main server address only or the +2 address too. It's weird. Maybe they just changed the rules to this list. I don't think that it's the problem though... but we try it. – Anonymous Nov 16 '09 at 18:41

should be be:

That's the only problem I can see

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