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A user in our company uses Mac OS 10.4 on a G5. She has a CD with Illustrator CS3 stuff on it. She copied 2 folders on the desktop and now she needs to delete both. When she tries, she gets a popup asking to enter Administrator Username and Password.

I just don't get why she can't do that since I burned the Illustrator stuff onto a DVD directly from the server. She was able to open, delete, modify everything from the server but from the DVD, she cannot. I did not change any security settings at all.

Does anyone know about that?

Thanks, David.

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Are you still experiencing this issue? Can you list the POSIX permissions & ACLs for the file/folder on all of the following: server, DVD, and user's Desktop? – morgant Nov 27 '09 at 19:25

My guess is it inherited the ownership and file permissions from the box it was copied from. Since her user isn't the owner OS X wants admin privs to delete it.

Open terminal, cd to desktop, ls -ld on the directory. Who owns the files and what are the permissions?

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I agree with Haggertus. We have had problems with our users accidentally copying application bundles to their desktop instead of creating a shortcut. After they do this one of our administrators has to delete the files. – Scott Keck-Warren Feb 18 '10 at 20:43

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