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I've seen a lot of tutorials showing one how to set up PHP/Python/Perl/RoR on nginx via various FCGI processes.

None of the tutorials that I found show one how to serve multiple FCGI services off one server.

How would one configure the stable nginx (nginx-0.7.64) to serve multiple FCGI processes (one for each of the above languages)?

Example addresses for each FCGI process are as follows: - PHP - Python - Perl - Ruby on Rails

An example configuration file that shows one how to implement multiple FCGI's off one server is really what I need. Perhaps others will benefit as well.

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Just change:

location /
FCGI..PARAMETERS (find on the web)


location /python/

python FCGI..PARAMETERS (find on the web)

location /php/
php FCGI..PARAMETERS (find on the web)

location /perl/
perl FCGI..PARAMETERS (find on the web) - although nginx supports it embedded.

location /ror/
ror FCGI..PARAMETERS (find on the web)

Make the above folders, python/php/perl/ror under /var/www/nginx-default/ -> each will be served by a different FCGI process as per your FCGI configuration -> just place the files that need to be executed in their an run the fcgi process + restart nginx.

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