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Hey guys, I'm using Virtualbox on my desktop, WinXP host, and guest running Fedora 12. I want to set it up as a LAMP testing server mostly for me, but it should be visible to the whole company LAN.

  • I set up the VM in Virtualbox to use 'Bridged adapter' network, attached to the host network connection.
  • I can ping the guest's IP from the host.
  • But I can't ping it's hostname.

What do I need to set up in order to be able to access the VM by hostname locally within the LAN? e.g.


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DNS needs to be setup, either manually (via editing a zone file or some GUI thing), or automatically (DHCP server registers the name associated with the IP address it leased with the DNS server).

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I need to do this in the guest or the host? Any guidelines or link with more info? I appreciate the help thanks – infinity Nov 18 '09 at 17:18
You do it on your DNS/DHCP server. – womble Nov 18 '09 at 17:25

If you actually want to join the VM to your domain, try Likewise Open:

This should also automatically add an entry for your host into DNS.

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