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I have the following in my .htaccess file-

Redirect 301 /
Redirect 301 /related/aiken-sc.htm?tkn=MXNDbGxQjEAKEwj0qrmMz_OYAhUdBGoKHY43MKwYASAFMKCTDDgNUKCTDFDLuosP
Redirect 301 /related/aiken-sc.htm
Redirect 301 /related/spartanburg.htm?tkn=0bzl_HmfIxIKEwj0qrmMz_OYAhUdBGoKHY43MKwYASADMKCTDDgNUKCTDFDLuosP
Redirect 301 /related/spartanburg.htm

But when I visit I get the following URL in the browser-

Not sure what the problem is, this works fine on other sites...?

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Try using the Web Sniffer to follow what's going on. The Web Sniffer does not follow redirects: it shows you all the HTTP headers as they are sent.

One thing to bear in mind is that redirects should use the HTTP header "Location: ".

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Rearrange your redirects to be most specific to least specific; Redirect will match any path element beginning with your match so it never gets past the first redirect directive.

Redirect 301 /some/full/path/file.html
Redirect 301 /some/full/
Redirect 301 /
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