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After installing Crystal Reports 8 on a Windows Server 2008 machine, many ActiveX related keys have no owner set and thus it is impossible to register certain ActiveX controls on that machine ever again. (This is a known problem)

Is it possible to automatically assign an owner (=Administrator) to all registry keys which don't already have an owner?

If that is not possible, can I just set the owner to Administrator to all keys without running into problems?

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The SetACL tool is a good permissions "Swiss army knife". You can use it to set registry ownership. (AFAIK, a registry key can't have "no owner". It sounds like the permissions are set such that you just don't have permission to see the owner. Regardless, SetACL can reset the permissions.)

The command-line is a bit obtuse, but play around with it for a bit and you'll figure it out. The usage examples page for SetACL is very helpul.

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