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I have a windows server 2003 / IIS 6 intranet site which has conflicting requirements (as far as I can see)

1) For security compliance reasons I need to log the windows username of the user in the IIS logs, and access this from within the ASPX pages to provide fine grained security based on group membership. I have done this by switching off anonymous access, switching on integrated windows authentication, and setting <identity impersonate="true"> in web.config.

2) The application needs to address an ODBC datasource. The ODBC driver (dataflex) needs access to the filesystem on a different server.

I can get 2) to work by setting a specific system user in identity impersonate, but then I get the wrong user in the log.

How do I successfully record who the user is, while still running the ODBC driver with specific privileges / credentials ?

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