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My external network interface on a gentoo box will produce these errors intermittently (maybe 3-4 a week). It is hooked up to Optimum online, and gets its IP via DHCP. It's always-on, and it almost never loses connection (when it does usually I or one of my roommates notices it).

eth1: failed to renew, attempting to rebind

I'm trying to understand what might produce these errors.

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When a DHCP lease expires, the DHCP client attempts a renewal - it contacts the original leasing DHCP server, requests a new lease, and if everything goes well it gets one and goes merrily on it's way.

After a period of time, if it doesn't get a response, or it keeps getting negative responses from the original server, it attempts to rebind.

This is essentially the same process as it uses on power-up when it's first requesting a DHCP lease - it sends out a broadcast asking for DHCP servers, and binds to the server that responds positively.

If you keep getting these messages it can indicate a DHCP server misconfiguration, an overloaded DHCP server, or a short timeout period in your DHCP client for the renewing process.

You can get more detailed information at the TCP/IP guide.


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