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I am looking for the best A/B/G/N dual band (simultaneous) router or access point that can be flashed with community firmware like dd-wrt or openwrt.

In the past I have used the WRT54G series from Linksys with great success as access points and bridges. The WRT610N looks nice but I'm not sure how well the community firmwares support it. I am open to any manufacturer and any input or experience would be appreciated.

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I'm also curious about the performance of the WRT610N. DD-WRT officially supports hardware versions 2 and 3 (iirc), but haven't had a chance to test it myself. – Greg Buehler Dec 23 '09 at 20:59
It would be nice if any recommendations came with rx sensitivity and tx power (at max speed)... that will directly affect performance and range – Joris Aug 23 '10 at 8:49

It doesn't exactly answer your question, but I would recommend RouterBoards and use the MikroTik RouterOS that come with them. They are not open source, but they are very powerful and you get a license with the hardware purchase.

You will also find all kinds of wireless-boards that fit from the same source.

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