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I try to play sound from my monitoring application, which is an xp virtual machine on VMware ESX 3, on a physical machine with a real sound card, but I can not add from the ESX console sound card.

Currently, I transmit sound with opening an RDP session and play it in this session.

I would like to play sound without openning RDP session, do you have a solution to add a virtual sound card and then stream it with vlc?

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There is no way to support audio (or USB) inside of ESX and maintain portability/HA/vMotion according to VMWare. Sound is, as you already know, supported through RDP though. This works because audio is redirected to your machine which initiated the RDP session.

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Is there any way to emulate a sound card like the rdp session without a rdp session ? –  AdrienF Nov 23 '09 at 18:25
The sound card is not emulated in an RDP session, the audio is piped and processed on your own machine. If you need an application on a VMWare ESX(i) server to use a local sound card, you are out of luck unfortunately. –  MDMarra Nov 24 '09 at 2:01

I finally found this, http://www.e2esoft.cn/vsc/, it solves my problem but it's a shareware and i really want an open source solution. If anyone knows an equivalent. Thanks for your answers.

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check out spice-space.org currently this works in Red Hat's RHEV, not in ESX though.

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