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We have a problem in office when a user connects to our LAN without disconnecting from WiFi network he was previously on (a free WiFi provided by building owners). At a minimum, firewall log entries are cluttered with machine attempting to reach WiFi supplied DNS servers via fixed link. More of a threat is scenario when machine is hacked it can be used to bridge networks (public/private).

How to auto-disable wireless or auto-disconnect from it, if physical cable (ethernet) is plugged in?

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I dont know of any downloadable software, but many new laptops come with it pre-installed. Dell laptops have something called Dell Control Point, which is mostly a useless hassle, but does have a few redeeming qualities. One of which is the option to disable wireless when docked or plugged in.

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You don't need it. Assign different IPs to these interfaces, and set a better metric to the wired connection's routes: it will become preferred, and while Wi-Fi is still online it is not used ;)

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My problem is that nameservers from WiFi are still put in common list and machine unnecessrily queries wrong dns. Besides, wifi is autoconfigured and APs may vary – Konrads Nov 25 '09 at 11:25

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