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I have a suspicion that what I'm trying to do is impossible, but I'll ask the question anyway.

If I'm using virtual domains, is it possible for an inbound address to deliver into multiple mailboxes without a rewrite?

To flesh things out a bit more, suppose I have the domain and wish to set up the following deliveries: -> mbox1 -> mbox2, mbox1 -> mbox3, mbox1

That is, I want a copy of any mail to the fred and jim addresses also delivered to the catchall mailbox for the domain.

I could do something similar using the virtual_alias_maps with lines like this:

(with appropriate entries in virtual_mailbox maps)

However, if I introduce the artificial catchall address, then the Delivered-To address will reflect this and I want to keep the original Delivered-To information in the catchall mailbox. I would have thought this isn't too bizarre a thing to want to do, so any ideas?

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You want the recipient_bcc_maps option, with an mbox1@${myhostname} entry (or something like that).

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Thanks! Interesting idea to use BCC, but I don't think it will work here. I should probably have emphasised that is a virtual domain delivering to virtual mailboxes. The only address that is associated with mbox1 is the catchall address ( and unfortunately that doesn't work as the RHS in the BCC rule. If I were to instead use as my RHS then that would indeed deliver a copy into mbox1, but the rewrite to that address would be reflected in the Delivered-To header, which is what I'm trying to avoid. – Anonymous Nov 23 '09 at 16:09

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