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Can you recommend me a good antivirus for windows server 2008?

Please send the download URL, because i downloaded many and while installing it tell me that the system is not supported.

i want any antivirus trial version so i can try before buy.

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Register with McAfee, and then download McAfee ViruScan Enterprise 8.5i. It'll run on all versions of Windows Server 2008, and it's pretty much the same as all the other virus scanners for Windows Server products.

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AVG Business Version

This is the professional level version of AVG, not the free edition. You can get the standalone clients or go all out with a dedicated AVG server to manage client installs of AVG.

You can download trials and read more at:

I have used this one personaly in a corporate environment and it works quite well.

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The reason most anti-virus applications are failiing to install is because you're installing them on a 'server' rather than a 'client'. Alot of those application will check and make sure that it's not being installed on a server on purpose.

You can also download a trialware version of Symantec Endpoint Protection and test that application on your server also.

Good luck and hope this helps some.

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