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I've got a system of 55 workstations that share two NFS mount points on a central server. Recently over the past few days, I've noticed an increasing number of "GETATTR" requests filtering in from the workstations for no apparent reason. I can see these request clearly in a wireshark trace, but I don't know how to trace them down.

Can anybody share advice on how I can debug this problem and trace the generators of these calls?

Update: With trial and error, it turns out the GETATTRS were being caused by preload. For the future, it would still be nice to know how I could determine what process is causing what NFS traffic.

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There is mention in this google doc (ala Red Hat) of the issue being caused by repeated open/close calls to files. What kind of files are hosted on the share(s) and what kind of activity is being done with them?

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Turns out the getaddrs were causes by 'preload' touching files every few minutes. – Rich Nov 25 '09 at 18:15

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