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I am trying to sync the contents of a directory on my Windos machine with a UNIX server.

I have spent a long while reading the rsync documentation and have come up with the following command:

rsync --progress -avzC --stats --force --dry-run -e 'ssh -p 176'

I try to run this from the directory which I wish to sync from but the command fails.

Is the problem that I need to specify the directory I am syncing from?


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yes, you need to at least have

rsync <source dir> <destination dir>

or in your case

rsync --progress -avzC --stats --force --dry-run -e 'ssh -p 176' <source dir> <destination dir>

You can replace the current directory with:

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./ was the thing I was missing. Thanks! – Jon Nov 24 '09 at 16:12

Well, you didn't post the error message you're getting, but I think you answered your own question. Rsync requires that you specify both the source and destination paths.

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