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We all have them, let's share some stories about them. What kind of support person are you? Kudos to explanations of how you [un]civilly dealt with them!

EDIT: Ok, let's hear some more. Really I just need to know I'm not alone today after dealing with some of my "favorite" people....


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a ha ha, this should be interesting (if it doesn't get closed) –  username May 15 '09 at 22:54
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Just about all of the stories posted here can be copied straight to thedailywtf.com :) –  Niels Basjes Jun 27 '09 at 12:00

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On a Wednesday I got asked to do some work downtown. I live very far from downtown and the company didn't pay mileage for jobs in that area, so I turned it down. "Ok, we'll send someone else." The someone else showed up and then disappeared from the site. Shortly before lunch I get a phone call informing me that the client is very upset and they desperately need me to do damage control. Knowing that I hate going downtown, they offer to pay my mileage and travel time.

Upon arrival at the site, I find the site crawling with tradespeople. There's no power to the server room, but the electrician says it will be up shortly. All the equipment is tossed in a corner or a rat's nest inside the biggest box I've ever seen. I manage to find enough components to build the first server and got it powered up. The second server is supposed to be attached by KVM, but the keyboard and mouse are not compatible with the KVM. My technical contact across the country tells me the next step is to bring it on-line so he can remote in. I try plugging the ADSL modem in but can't find an active phone jack. None of the trades know anything about it. Technical contact agrees there's nothing more I can do.

I inform the store manager that I cannot proceed and am leaving the site: "Are you coming back tomorrow." "No." "The next day?" "No. Someone will be dispatched for Monday." "But we are reopening on Monday!" "No, you're not." (None of the tradespeople were going to be done on time either.)

He was pretty outraged at this point and asked for my supervisor's number. I wrote it on the back of the business card he gave me when I had arrived and gave it back to him, which made him even more upset. (I had earlier refused to give him my own business card because I was working as a contractor and was not allowed to give out business cards.)

On my way home I get a phone call from the technical contact: "Can you go back tomorrow?" "No." "How about the next day?" "No. I'm not going back." "Ok, thanks."

A few months later I met up with the regional manager at another site. He didn't remember me, but when I asked him about the first site he told me they didn't reopen for several weeks after that. He also mentioned that site had tried to reopen several times and failed. They did eventually reopen though (it's a restaurant).

So, was the room wrecked by the first "someone else"? Or was it already in unusable condition? –  BradC Jun 16 '09 at 14:55

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