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My client gave me limited access to his webserver. At the moment, I have 2 versions of the same website and they are




I want to point from /home/public_html/ to /home/public_html/newversion/

I have acces to the PLESK control panel. I have ssh access, but it's a non-root account, and i don't think i'm able to access any Apache config files. I do have the option of using .htaccess files

What should I do?

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Given lots of assumptions about your configuration, the best bet is probably:

  • move everything in /home/public_html to /home/public_html/oldversion
  • then move everything from /home/public_html/newversion to /home/public_html
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.htaccess file in /home/public_html

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond !newversion
RewriteRule (.*) newversion/$1 [QSA]
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