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We've got most of our servers as Virtual Machines. Every once in a while, they get low on disc space. I'm not the guy who manages them, but obviously, I'm affected by this. I want to somehow monitor the remaining disc space on the servers I'm concerned about. What would you do?

Points to help your answer:

  • I can have full admin rights to the server if needed.
  • The servers are W2K3 using VMWare
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Alternatively, build yourself a WMI script.

MSDN - WMI Tasks: Disks and File Systems

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Very helpful indeed! – Nick DeVore Apr 30 '09 at 14:36

If you're using Virtual Centre, then you can either configure alerts centrally.

If your not afraid of a bit of database digging, the drive size and freespace is stored in a database table, and it's not too difficult to punch this up onto a HTML page with a bit of scripting.

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If you're using Linux, Nagios is a good way to go.

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Forgot to mention the platform. I've now included that. – Nick DeVore Apr 30 '09 at 14:31

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