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We're running RH AS 64-bit 4.6 and for some reason after installing a Hitachi SAN driver, the kernal only recognizes 1 CPU of the 8 (4 dual core Opterons). This server hosts an Oracle 9i database, so we're stuck with RH 4 (RH 5 isn't certified with 9i). What do we need to do to get it to recognize all 8 cores?

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additional info - when we try to boot in smp mode, kernel panic.... –  George Nov 25 '09 at 21:30

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Need more information:

  • Did you install an SMP-capable kernel? Some distros offer the choice between a regular and a SMP kernel.
  • Did the kernel recognize & boot the 8 cores without the SAN driver? If yes, the SAN driver may be buggy.
  • Please post the panic message you get, that might give a clue.
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