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I wanted to know what info should i consider when registering or transferring a domain?

I am new, i want some general information and suggestion for places that are currently good. It looks like if you browse more then one site you see prices are the same. This person linked an article that says when i register with privacy, i do not own the domain name? http://serverfault.com/questions/82556/domains-and-private-registration-services/82584#82584 thats also useful to know but another said it was a lie or outdated.

Currently i am transferring 5 domain expiring in the next 2 weeks to another site. The site i registered threw in free privacy guard when i purchase 5 domains. Now i find they want to charge me $7 per site on privacy! thats insane. I thought it would be 7 for all 5.

Soon i will be transferring these expired domains. It looks when i transfer i pay the normal price to register a domain and it will be for 1 year or whatever i put it. It looks no different from buying a domain except theres an extra step or two. This site seems like it will allow me to have privacy for $7 on all 5 of my sites (called a privacy 5pack). Is it common for privacy to come in 5 packs or group pack? Or is it more common to pay $7 for each domain?

Someone from this site suggested i transfer to http://www.namecheap.com/ i would like any suggestions if you have any.

I also heard that if i let a domain expire the registrars can take my domain and sell it for any price. But AFAIK this means they may do it AFTER a grace period?

I'll be buying another domain in a few months. I assume i will not have privacy on it?

Any details would be nice. It would also be good for one idea/detail per post

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Should this be in the community wiki? –  gekkz Nov 26 '09 at 13:08

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Namecheap is a great registrar, I have personally used them and I must say I've never experienced any problems with them.

It is common for domain name providers to have special offers to reel you in, give you better pricing for the first year of your domain name, or add freebies which will then start to cost.

If you need privacy protection you may use namecheap's five pack for ~8$/year. Keep in mind you cannot use this for all types of TLDs(.ca, .us, etc.). Prices may vary depending on the underlying company that actually offers this service, as most registrars aren't the ones handling it.

When the grace period ends, anyone can snatch your domain, including your registrar, and if they choose to they will probably grab it and try to sell the said domain, if it has a decent standing in search engines.

I'll be buying another domain in a few months. I assume i will not have privacy on it?

You'll have privacy on it if you buy privacy for it, simple as that. As an example, namecheap will give you free 1 year privacy protection for new domains.

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First and foremost you should make sure that you are the official registrant of a domain. If the privacy service means that someone else is the registrant, then you essentially have no formal rights regarding the domain.

Here's a few FAQs w/answers, including on privacy (i.e., hiding from Whois) and grace period for expired domains.

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"If the privacy service means that someone else is the registrant, then you essentially have no formal rights regarding the domain." This is false. You own the domain because you have a proof of purchase, and you can contact InterNIC with said proof of purchase in case there are ever any problems (i.e. Domain company stealing your domain name). –  gekkz Nov 26 '09 at 12:57
You're right about the legal aspect, of course - I was thinking about the domain registry in isolation. However, in practice it's not easy even with legal rights on your side if you're not the formal owner in the domain registry and something goes wrong... This goes both for international and national domains. –  ingvald Nov 30 '09 at 15:23

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