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I'm trying to use mod_disk_cache to speed up a web site that is running on WordPress. Whenever I enable it with

CacheEnable disk /

and the rest being the stock Ubuntu configuration I start to get the wrong results. When I see the main page it's fine, but when I go to a specific post I get a RSS feed instead. Like if the cache is returning the wrong content.

I've disabled my RewriteRules as it seems mod_cache doesn't work with that.

I'm not even sure where to start to debug such a thing. Any ideas?

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Making a small change to the Rewrite rules in your .htaccess file should solve this. There is, apparently, a known bug in apache. I had the exact same problem, albeit a different flavor of unix (FreeBSD), and the fix given at this link below absolutely solved it:

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I couldn't found why this was happening but I solved it by using WP Super Cache; which greatly increased the performance of my Wordpress.

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