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We have essentially a remote office with about 5 dumb terminals. The terminals are connecting to our office directly over a wireless link.

What I want to do is connect all their printers onto a print server. But since the remote office is not actually allowed to see our LAN (since they are actually another company) we don't want a full on open VPN tunnel set up. Naturally the RDP traffic passes through a firewall.

Is there an easy way to set up the RDP server so that it can see a print server on a remote LAN?

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You may wish to clarify your network layout - I'm assuming you have site A and site B, with the RDP server in site A and the dumb terminals in site B. You want the RDP server to be able to print to a print server in site B. How are the dumb terminals in site B communicating with the RDP server in site A if the RDP server can't see the print server in site B? Unless I have the wrong idea altogether. – justinsteven Nov 27 '09 at 7:13

Maybe I can set up a port forward on their firewall to pass lpd traffic to their print server. Since they have a static ip that should work right? I can ensure their firewall only allows LPD traffic from our external interface.

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