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I develop on different machines. I use MAMP, I have it installed on my dropbox folder and created symbolic links to the applications folder. That way if I work one day on my desktop and make changes to let's say a database schema and next day I work from my laptop I won't have to do any db migration stuff the same applies for all the apache virtual hosts I have setup using MAMP. Everything is portable.

I recently started using Cherokee server and I like it a lot. I would like to replace MAMP with Cherokee but first I need to be able to make it portable. I don't want to have to configure multiple virtual hosts, settings, etc., on multiple machines.

Is there any way I can set up Cherokee to be as portable as MAMP?

What if I want to run Cherokee from a thumbdrive?

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Just synchronize the configuration file? Afaik, every bit of Cherokee's config (including vhosts) is in that one file, so it's all you have to worry about.

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