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I did a start_job=skip_current on a large import because I thought it was hanging on some bad data. It turns out it was just a really large index so I'd like to re-run it but I don't want to do the entire import again. I know I can have it skip tables that are already there using the table_exists_action parameter, but does that apply to other objects, like indexes? If not, is there any way to just import the items I skipped?

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extract the SQL (sqlfile=xxxx) and create the index(es) by hand ?

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That's what I ended up doing so I'm accepting this answer, although I think setting table_exists_action=skip would work. I know it works for tables, but I'm not sure about indexes. – Brian Deterling Dec 1 '09 at 3:53

If you know what index is missing, Datapump supports an "include=" parameter that should allow you to import just this one object.

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