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I am trying out Windows 7 RC, and one thing annoys me a bit. In windows XP (Can't remember how it was in Vista...) when browsing folders I could see how much free space I had on the disk in the status bar. On Windows 7, all I see is how many items are in the folder I am browsing. Can this be changed some how? Or is it just the way Windows 7 is?

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It's a very thin line deciding which aspect of system configuration is sysadmin-related and which isn't... (changing a bit of UI -- off limits, changing a permission setting -- OK). – dbkk May 23 '09 at 11:23
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I do not think you can change that with W7 alone.
That is the same with Vista, by the way.

At best you can show the disk space of a folder on hover.

Or you can click on "Computer" in an explorer: the right panel does display all drives with their respective free space.

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I would rather like to have it visible all the time in the status bar like in xp, but oh well. can't get everything I guess =) – Svish May 23 '09 at 16:22

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