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I'm using a VPS running Virtuozzo Containers with Parallels. Every time I reboot it sets the server's TimeZone to GMT+01 Amsterdam. If I change that to GMT+00 London and then reboot, it gets set back to Amsterdam again. Is there any way I can prevent this?

I'm also have a very strange issue whereby .Net is reporting that the DateTime.Now as the +01 Amsterdam time instead of +00 GMT, even after I've change it to London's TimeZone.

Is there somewhere else I need to change the TimeZone apart from in the Timezone tab under the system clock?

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What version of Virtuozzo are you running? This looks a lot like a bug in Virtuozzo version 3.5.1 that was completely fixed in versions 4 and beyond.

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After having it be pointed-out that I missed the "Windows" reference, it sounds like the underlying virtualization layer is holding time permanently - perhaps, as has been mentioned elsewhere, as a bug in the edition of Virtuozzo.

This is probably an issue you need to take up with your VPS provider.

original answer below
Might check hwclock, but it sounds like the VPS's settings require it to go back to the underlying host's timezone setting.

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Pointing at a linux manpage for a Win2k3 server? – womble Nov 29 '09 at 22:46
honestly - missed the tag for "windows-server-2003": nothing in the question indicated platform :) – warren Nov 30 '09 at 0:18

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