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Are there any HOTWO's or books that go over real world, best practices, on setting up a computer like unix hosting companies do?

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Yes. There are many. – Jenny D Apr 22 '15 at 11:52

That is a loaded question if I ever saw one.

But, in a nutshell, most just install a web hosting control panel like cPanel, and call it a day. And I am sure it has "best practices" chapter where they recommend the best settings for the server. I could be wrong on the second part, though, but it only makes sense.

Some other control panels:

  • zPanel
  • Plesk

Of course VPS systems:

  • VMWare Server
  • Microsoft Virtual Server

I'll let my peers fill in the blanks.

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Practices vary between hosting companies. No two I've worked for do it even vaguely the same. Your best bet is to find someone who works at a hosting company and buy them beers.

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They all have their own, but for a quick down and dirty i would suggest you look at . there are several other ones on that site as well

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