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I am currently trying to install OCS 2007 R2 on a domain of VM's, no matter what i try i cannot make the OCS install wizard find the SQL database.

i have tried:-

  • Check ports open (checked with nmap)
  • Protocols Enabled
  • All SQL Services running including browser
  • DNS/AD/Group policies correctly setup
  • Firewall rules correct
  • SQL 2005 SP2 installed with BC pack
  • Client tools intalled on OCS machine match SQL machine
  • Used UDL file to check connectivity between machines

  • does anyone have anymore suggestions?

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    I would try a different SQL client on the OCS machine to connect to the SQL Server. I would use QueryExpress because it is a single file and requires no installation. Then I would sniff the network to see whether any packets go anywhere.

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    i have used wireshark whilst trying the discovery and running SQL queries, i cant identify any packets that suggest that the connection was refussed. – Euclid Nov 30 '09 at 2:25

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