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i am in the early stages of producing a thesis 'Network security: Cost Vs Security', are there any books that can give me an insight to real world setups and costing of such systems, as I am purely form an educational background?


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If you are in the early stages, I highly recommend going to a conference on the topic. Then through networking (the kind you and I know) you'll get plenty of answers. It's the best way I know to get a quick crash-course on the topic.

This said, if you need to ``get started'' do check Mr. Schneier books. A must read, either before or after the conference, and not only for techincal reasons but to understand the human factor in analyzing network security. For insights on the theme of security do check out his blog, too.


I don't know such a book, but you can try reading some marketing materials from different vendors, they can include prices and some info about setup.


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