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I'm trying to instruct my image of WinPE to directly execute a script when it finishes loading. How can I do that? Do I have to modify Winpeshl.ini or Startnet.cmd or Unattend.xml? I have tried all of them with no result, so any help is appreciated. Thank you very much.


Thank you all for your answers. Just to clarify I have a couple of questions more. How would startnet.cmd look like? If I've understood well, it should be something like (now following mh great advices):

cd <path>
echo Type <my_own_script> and press RETURN to begin installation.

or something like:

wpeinit –unattend=<path>\unattend.xml

As a side question, how can I make my_own_script.cmd to be executed with unattend.xml?

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@mh: Thanks for the advice :-D So, a startnet.cmd looks like it should work? I tried something similar and I couldn't make work. It gave an error before WinPE finished loading... :-o – yeyeyerman Nov 30 '09 at 22:56

I've successfully used startnet.cmd in the past, so you may be having issues with bad paths if that isn't working for you. Double-check where your scripts are located, and maybe try using an absolute path.

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Startned.cmd or unattend.xml

by using unattend you are (more) sure to have network connectivity when your scripts fire, AFAIK.

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