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I am trying to (temporarily) lower smtpd_policy_service_max_idle on postfix 2.3.8 from 300s to 5s to debug a possible client-side problem. The following seem to state that my change is accepted, but when I purposely leave the client idly connected for >> 5 seconds I don't see a timeout disconnect message in mail.log that I used to see when the value was 300s.

sudo postconf -ve smtpd_policy_service_max_idle=5s; sudo postconf | grep _idle
ipc_idle = 100s
max_idle = 100s
smtpd_policy_service_max_idle = 5s

Do I need to restart postfix to for the setting to take effect? Is there another timeout value that provides a (higher) lower bound?

thanks -nikita

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Yes, config settings in don't take effect until you restart (or at least tell Postfix to reload the config).

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Yep, I issued exactly the commands cited in my original post and now see the following in 'smtpd_policy_service_max_idle = 5s'. However, even after doing 'postfix reload' and 'postfix stop; postfix start' the idle timeout observed in testing is still 300s. How do I debug this? Is there another setting that overrides 'smtpd_policy_service_max_idle'? – Nikita Dec 1 '09 at 18:14

Turns out I was twiddling the wrong param - smtpd_timeout turned out to be the right one.

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