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Is it possible to restart tomcat via some kind of administration tools. I would like to restart tomcat remotely via an administration tool that is accessible via web? If yes could you point me to some of them. Thanks.

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There's the tomcat manager.
This will allow you to restart any installed webapp, as well as deploying and undeploying webapps. It's pretty useful. Located by default at /manager/ on your tomcat installation. You may need to set up user settings, or use the defaults from tomcat-users.xml.

If you actually want to physically restart the container, you'll want something at a lower level, perhaps webmin-like.

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you can use Tcat Server from MuleSoft to restart one or more Tomcat instances from the console. It is free for use in development. you can download it from:

Hope this helps.

Disclaimer: I work for Mulesoft and is heavily involved with Tcat Server.

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