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I've got a job set up in SQL Agent, with a number of steps. These steps all look like:

DTSRun /~Z0x6B7BDADEAD0D381F601ECC24B C0C4C522870C60DC5EC3D012C5D08A8DEB529CE 237A9215B878828FA8AD1FAC5FFB5CAA164ABBE 078BD638B2E062391EF98E2C7B31873C81A0291 537EBC449B9445233EED18AB93F86CEF58A1C36 9CFCA803703A059C2

How can i find out which DTS package that is?

Can a query a db to find out what package id that is? and get the name of the package for example

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If you check out the DTSRun Documentation, you can see this:


Indicates that the command line for dtsrun is encrypted using SQL Server 2000 encryption.

Your command line has been encrypted and seems you are out of luck.

However, after further research, I found this:

To decrypt what package it is, run from a command window:
B6B9AEC98C6857EB12D /!X /!C

"This decrypts the encrypt string and stores it in the clipboard. Now, open textpad/notepad/word/favorite word processing utility and paste the results. This will give the DTS package name it will run."

Maybe it will work...

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excellent answer, worked perfectly. thanks! – alex Dec 1 '09 at 19:18

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