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How I have two programs that use the same dll on different servers. How do I check that both servers are using the same dll version? In this case, I want to make sure Exchange and Blackberry Enterprise Server are using the same version of a dll.

Sorry, I didn't really ask this question right the first time.

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What do you mean by "Registered DLLs"? Are we talking about the COM registry? – CesarGon Dec 2 '09 at 19:50
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Use tasklist /M command to list all DLL modules loaded for a specific process

edit: If you want to show the specific version of a DLL used by a process, I recommand using the graphical tool Process Explorer from Sysinternals. Once you run the tool, click on a specific process and it will gives you the list of DLLs (with version) that are hooked to this process.

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Ummm... look at the file information? It's on the Details or Version tab of the file properties, depending on which version of Windows you're running.

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