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say I have a file in on a unix server, I want to count the number of occurances of .dll or say .exe in the file.

how can I do this?

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Strange question. Are you looking for a simple character search or actual dependence list of what .dll's your .exe calls. I was not aware that .exes run on unix and call .dlls. Of couse a windows system can access a unix drive share and load .exes from it. Pls clarify – kingchris Dec 3 '09 at 4:28

Give this a try (assuming that it's a text file):

grep -o '.dll' filename | wc -l

If it's a binary file, try:

grep -binary-files=text -o '.dll' filename | wc -l


strings filename | grep -o '.dll' | wc -l
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You can do grep -c .dll <file> (as dennis said) grep -o <file> | wc -l just change '.dll' to whatever you feel like searching for.

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That doesn't take into consideration the possibility of the string appearing twice on a line. – EEAA Dec 3 '09 at 4:28
Your right ... that'll teach me to post while trying to listen to s conference call. – Zypher Dec 3 '09 at 5:37

Use this:

perl -lne '$c++while/[.]dll/g;END{print$c}' <filename

You can modify the regular expression (/[.]dll/) in the middle to search for something else (see man perlre for details). If you want to search for something containing a newline, add -0777 after perl.

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