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I have a client who wants to ensure his upload is secure, so we are trying to enable SFTP for him on our Linux PLESK server. I have enabled SSH access to bin/bash for FTP accounts, and created a new user. When I attempt to SFTP using either the IP address or the domain name, this is the error FileZilla is giving me:

Error:  Authentication failed.  
Error:  Critical error  
Error:  Could not connect to server

Here is some basic information regarding the server:

Operating system: Linux
Plesk Control Panel version: psa v8.6.0_build86080930.03 os_CentOS 5

I had read in some places that I should reboot the SSH Service in Server -> Services, however, there is no SSH Service within the list. I'm not really a server guy so it's quite possible I'm missing something obvious.

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on linux console run command

rpm -qa | grep ssh

if you do not find entries similar to below

openssh-server openssh-clients openssh

you need to install rpms related to ssh

if it is there

run cmd from linux console /etc/init.d/sshd start

to add entry in services run from linux console

chkconfig add sshd

chkconfig --level 2345 sshd on

I hope this might help you

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Would I need to reboot the server/apache after this? I've followed the steps you provided, and everything seemed to run fine, but it still does not show up in the services section. Thanks for the assistance thus far! –  spelley Dec 3 '09 at 14:31

You need to make sure that the path to sftp-server is on the server (here is the default path for sftp on centos):

Subsystem   sftp    /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server

After adding that in, if sshd is still running, you can restarting by:

killall -HUP sshd

It will kick you out but not shut it down - it'll re-read the configuration instead.

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