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I have a bunch of computers in an OU in my Active Directory. These computers are located on a theoretically less secure site (they are in a warehouse) I want to stop these computers being logged in to (by anyone) between certain hours... Can I do this in Group Policy?

I've seen "Logon Hours" in the account tab in AD but this isn't quite what I want... I wan't to stop the computers from logging in using ANY account between certain times...

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There isn't functionality built-in to Windows to do what you're looking for.

The idea below is a cheap hack and could easily be subverted, but it might get you what you want w/o using third-party software.

If I were going to do what you're trying to do, I'd build a security template that adds "Users" to the "Deny logon locally" user right assignment, and a second one that removes it (i.e. sets it back to the stock "Guest" only). Once those are built and tested (be careful testing it-- it'll stop even "Administrator" from being able to logon locally) I'd write a script to apply the security templates using a scheduled task. At the appropriate time, apply the template to prevent interactive logons, and then apply the template to restore the ability to logon interactively.

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