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At my workplace we have a router which has two WAN connectors which allow transparently combining two ADSL connections or one ADSL and one ISDN as fallback.

What's the name of this feature?

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It really doesn't have a specific name, but sometimes you'll see "dual link" advertised. The better Q is "What do you call a router that's unable to combine two WAN connection?" A: "A toy" (at least as far as serverfault/business class people are concerned, now for the superuser/home user class, it's perfectly fine) :-) – Brian Knoblauch Dec 4 '09 at 12:37
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We can say Dual-WAN or Multi-WAN Routers, theses are not very specific features, you may have for example a juniper router on which you can make any port into the wan security zone and get them to failover.

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Did you mean load balancing ? If yes - on SOHO routers which usually contain linux inside - by adding 2 or more default routes (LARTC)

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It is a Dual-Wan Load Balancer Router. Try this link

I'd use this product without troubles.. it works for me...

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Related (Might be useful to someone who stumbles upon this question):

When you combine T1's in the way you have mentioned, that is called bonding. On Cisco routers, you do this with a multilink interface.

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