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I'm running windows 7 and using WAMP for my local development. Now I Installed Cultbooking ( in my wamp and can't finish my installation because it says sock "Socket support - Socket not supported". I don't know how I can enable my socket. I'm new to web development.

This is what I did, I download the Cultbooking from the ( and drag the files to my 'www' directory of my wamp. Now when i pointed my browser to my localhost it say

  PHP version >= 5.0 Yes

  zlib compression support Available

  XML support Available

  MySQL support Available

  Socket support Unavailable

  configuration.php Writeable

Now my only problem is my Socket support. How do I enable it? if you're in my shoes, Any Ideas?


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It looks like you've got a build of PHP installed that doesn't have sockets enabled. (Sockets are an abstraction that are used in code that makes and receives TCP/IP connections.)

It looks like this was supposed to be fixed in the official Windows binaries back in 2002. If you're not running an official build it might help to investigate that first. If the official builds aren't being compiled with "--enable-sockets" specified then you'll need to build it youself with the option enabled.

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