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When I look in the Replication Monitor, I see that my Log Reader Agent is not running. I right click on a publication, and click 'View Log Reader Agent Status' and it says "The proces was successfully stopped"

If i press Start, i get the following message.... It's possible i could of deleted the job 'NAVISIONUPGRADE-Navision4-1' by mistake yesterday... How can i re-create it / what does it do?

TITLE: View Log Reader Agent Status

The agent could not be started.

For help, click:


The specified @job_name ('NAVISIONUPGRADE-Navision4-1') does not exist. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 14262)

For help, click:
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do you have any publications setup? are your subscribers getting updates? which sever is running the distribution database? – Nick Kavadias Dec 4 '09 at 12:52
yes, there are 3 publications. the subscribers are not getting updates. the subscriber is the distributor as far as i'm aware. – alex Dec 4 '09 at 13:03
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I ended up deleted and then re-creating the publication.

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