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I want to share a folder with samba. I want the folder to be read only and I don't want the user to have to enter a username or password.

I add the configuration to my smb.conf file and the folder is exposed as a share. The problem is I cannot access any folders below that directory.

What is the easiest way to allow the user to see the shared folders and the files below the folder?

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You should begin with copying your smb.conf here – nrgyz Dec 4 '09 at 15:43
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You should set the filespermission for the diretory to 774.
chmod -R 774 your_directory

Then set the guest user in the [global] section and enable the share in smb.conf.
security = share
guest account = nobody

Now create the share
comment = your share access
path = /path_to_share
browseable = yes
read only = yes
guest ok = yes

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