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I want to setup two Hudson Master on the same Hardware. This will make administering Hudson easier, since both servers are used by two different (and independent) teams.

So far I tried to install one server as a service. I verified the installation and it is running ok. I than copied the installation into another path and changed the service information (different service Name and description) and the httpPort. I then create the service, once using sc.exe create and once using hudson.exe install. In both cases the server startet. However, the configuration page acted goofy. So this approach is either not working at all or I missed another configuration file.

Does anyone has an idea how to accomplish this?

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Hi Peter: have a look at my comment on this question to help you with your DNS alias problem when connecting to network shares on Win2003 - – squillman Jan 8 '10 at 16:24
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I tried the same approach as documented in the question but avoided the copying of the original installation. So I created two folders and put a copy of hudson.war in it. Than I performed the following steps for both folders.

  1. Start Hudson with java -jar hudson.war
  2. Installed Hudson as a service using the web UI
  3. went into the Hudson Base Dir and ran hudson uninstall
  4. modified the port and the Service information in hudson.xml
  5. installed the service through command line hudson install

Now I have two services and the first quick test looks promising.

UPDATE: Further test were successful. So I will use this approach going forward.

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