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I am currently in the process of installing a Gentoo linux box with a Vanilla 2.6.29-r5 kernel with gentoo-xen-kernel patches in order to run the Xen Hypervisor.

After rebooting with the new kernel, the booting process seemed to hang on:

[    0.863005] platform microcode: firmware: requesting intel-ucode/06-0f-07
[   60.863442] Microcode Update Driver: v2.00-xen <>, Peter Oruba

Apparently the firmware request times out after 60 seconds (/sys/class/firmware/timeout) and booting just continues.

I have done some research and have found that on RHEL-4 this problem was related to the mount of /sys changed and the firmware.agent hotplug script couldn't parse the line correctly.

However I am having some difficulty tracking down how to fix this on Gentoo.

Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated!


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This bug is still valid with gentoo xen-sources 2.6.34-r4. – user59606 Nov 8 '10 at 22:44

Try to compile "/dev/cpu/microdode - microcode support" as a module in your kernel and load it later

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