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I am using Glassfish V2 server and till now every thing was going fine. It was deploying the application as usual, but suddenly it has started to prompt a 503 error saying "unable to find context listener", "unable to find ****class", "unable to find persistence unit" and like this for all the classes. How should I correct this error?


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@ashish: you will need to be more detailed in your description. "till now everything was going fine" - does this mean you had deployed your application previously successfully and only now it's giving 503? "suddenly it has started to prompt 503 error" - did this happen after you did some code change and redeployed the application? What did you do to troubleshoot so far? Did you try redeploying the app again? How long has the app server been running before you hit on this error? More details go a long way to help us help you. –  feicipet Jul 7 '09 at 0:35
yes you are right .....some thing that is still a mystery for me that after 2 hr every thing became normal. yes on previous occasions deployment process was a success but after a piece of change in code it suddenly started prompting this error in server LOG of GlassFish i found text some thing like unable to find context lister,a***Class,b****Class,at last it wrote 76 more same error –  Sam Rudolph Jul 11 '09 at 20:28

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Here is something that can help you:

Read the comment in your answer!


503 error must be due to some error in your web app that you are deploying ( assuming all other HTTP services such as admin console is running fine on your server) Check what state the application is shown in admin console - that may give a clue.


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