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I want to learn the ins/outs of debian, in order to provide hosting for customers (I don't plan on doing it actually, but I want to know how its done etc).

So can you guys recommend a book that goes over debian as an OS, and common techniques scripts that help automating and keep a server running?

I am currently reading the a linux tutorial on got on the net (free), its a pdf. RUT OR RTE or something (its on my other pc)


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For a useful recommendation, I think you would need to tell us about your current level in things such as Networking, Scripting, and General *nix.

A book on a particular Linux distribution I don't think is that important, unless you are already quite familiar with Linux / Scripting / Networking / Standard Services (DNS / Email / Web (Apache)) already. I would focus on these, and then Debian will just end up being 'variations on a theme'. As you learn this stuff, you can just practice on a Debian / Ubuntu box.

If you are already at the above level, someone else might have good recommendation for you, I haven't read anything specific to what you are asking.

kyle, then is there a general book that you would suggest? there are tons, so I would rather read one that others think is a great book. – user2659 Dec 8 '09 at 16:22
Some are: Scripting: Reilly Basic Shell Scripting, Networking: Sybex CCNA for (Cisco, but a good networking introduction) and TCP/IP illustrated, *nix: Introduction to Advanced Programing in the Unix Environment. For general administration, Essential System Administration and System Performance Tuning (both O'Reilly) are good. For a single, gentle introductory book I am not the best person to ask as I just played with Linux a lot a relatively young age. – Kyle Brandt Dec 8 '09 at 18:09

Why not the official Debian Reference? It has general coverage of almost every topic you need to get started. For more specific information you can consult the documentation of the package in question. I used this for many years when I was first starting out.


The main thing Debian is you have to get used to aptitude/apt-get commands to install/update/remove packages.

Not many books were made for Debian, but I recommend which is a Linux beginner's guide with more focus on Debian and its packages, commands, etc.

If your Linux knowledge is quite well, I suggest subscribing to Debian's mailing list -- I, personally have picked up quite a few things from there.

Good luck.


I'm currently reading this book, LPIC-1: Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide: (Exams 101 and 102), 2nd Edition (and studying for LPIC-1 while I'm at it.)

It's not exactly what you want--the material is for Linux Professional Institute Certification. It is not Debian-specific, but sections are (the package management track, for example, has examples for Debian & derivatives, as well as RPM-based distributions, etc.)

It's very informative and covers quite a bit of ground but it's not specific to Debian and won't cover tiny nuances that you may be looking for.


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