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  1. I installed FTP on my windows 2003 box
  2. I created a FTP site on a ipaddress, I am not allowing anonymous access.
  3. I created a user that has access to the folder c:\ftptest
  4. connecting to my server using filezilla shows: connectiong to - connection established, waiting for welcome message could not connect to server

I tried both active and passive modes. The port on the server is open i.e. TCP 21

I can connect to other FTP sites so my locla firewall isnt' the issue.

(now I know why sys admin work is so fun!)

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Try to debug FTP with telnet

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hm., well it connects but then it just stays blank and then I see my commadn promp again w/o a message. – user2659 Dec 8 '09 at 20:13

Can you get into that FTP server to other sites? or is that the first one you setup?

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this is the first one on this server. – user2659 Dec 8 '09 at 22:29

You can create a SFTP site using "NULL FTP Server" and then you only need to worry about opening a single port/pinhole through your firewall. Then, use FileZilla (or PSFTP) as a SFTP client. You might not want to use non-encrypted FTP anyways.

I think the dual port nature of FTP and FTPS is confusing sometimes and with SFTP it is not necessary to deal with it.

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