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Is there a service that can monitor my web server and annoy me with phone calls (and or email) when it detects that its unresponsive to HTTP requests?

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Have a look at this serverfault question: "Can anyone recommend a website monitoring service?" Or, do it yourself: "What is the best way to monitor a production server?" – Dirk Paessler Dec 11 '09 at 16:04
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Pingdom has been working pretty well for me for a month. I only have a few sites in it, but it's noticed every time I've restarted the apache server :)

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Microsoft System Center or you can setup Opmanager. Both work well.

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I have been using ServerGuard24 for > 3 years and am very happy. They send emails and sms and are quite cheap.

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There's a blue zillion of them. Here's another one:

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You can also use to monitor your website. They send email, sms, rss feed alert, gadget, twitter direct message alerts and more features

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