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Currently you have to login to the VMware Infrastructure Web Access GUI, select the VM, and then open the console.

Is it possible to open a console with one click or one command?

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  • First open the web console
  • In the Inventory, select the VM you wish to create a shortcut for
  • In the commands list, select Generate Virtual Machine Shortcut
  • ZING!
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LOL, you'd think I would've seen that, thanks! – Ivan May 18 '09 at 1:39

There is one interesting trick you can use if you just want to see the console. If you have vmware player installed you can run a command like this. Vmware player will attach to the console. If you have a specific server that you frequently access build a shortcut/alias/script.

vmplayer -h vmwareserver.example.tld -u "username"

Also see this page for some more tips.

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That is a great tip, thanks for the link too. – Ivan May 18 '09 at 1:38

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