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I'm trying to free up some space and wondering if the administrator has the capability to empty the recycler bin for all users on the server?

Deleting the d:\recycler folder doesn't seem to be an option.


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Have you tried deleting everything inside d:\recycler?

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It doesn't list the files in explorer and deleting the recylcer folder says "Access is denied" – user27387 Dec 9 '09 at 4:24
Don't delete the folder itself, just the contents – prestomation Dec 9 '09 at 4:29
Do you know of a way to get the files to be listed so I can delete them? – user27387 Dec 9 '09 at 4:38
Tools->Folder Options->View->"Show operating system files" or something to that effect, assuming you have full admin rights. – phoebus Dec 9 '09 at 6:37
Or just delete from a command prompt: del d:\recycler\* – EEAA Dec 9 '09 at 15:01

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